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It all began during a family dinner in 2000. In Bangkok, Thailand, Ms. Ann had just prepared her new suki sauce for the first time and she was eager to see if her husband, Mr. Vit would like it. She had spent many weeks trying to find the right ingredients and the perfect balance. And once Mr. Vit tried it, he immediately fell in love with it. This was the beginning of their wonderful journey.


They decided to build a small factory and start producing Ms. Ann’s now-famous suki sauce on a bigger scale in 2002. And it worked. People loved her homemade approach, fresh ingredients and unique flavor. That’s how WICKY & Jazzii was born.


Following the huge success of their suki sauce, they decided to create even more seasoning sauces, marinades and dipping sauces. But their approach was the same; find the freshest and most natural ingredients, try different combinations until the desired result was reached and always look for even better ingredients and production techniques. That’s exactly how they created the meat marinade and tenderizer, the garlic sauce, the orange sauce and the chilly sauce.  And people loved them!


Add A New Flavor To Your Meals!


WICKY & Jazzii sauces and marinades are unique, because they use only natural ingredients and every single batch contains a secret ingredient: love. That’s right. Ms. Ann and Mr. Vit make sure that every single WICKY & Jazzii product is made under the strictest safety and hygiene guidelines, just like they would make it at home.


Using WICKY & Jazzii sauces you can add a unique flavor to your meat, seafood and vegetables, since there’s a different sauce for every meal. You can choose an extra-spicy sauce to give your pasta that much-needed kick, a meat tenderizer and marinade to make your steaks melt in your mouth or a suki sauce to add a refreshing twist to your Hot Pot or Sukiyaki. And it’s all made from the freshest and most nutritional ingredients!


Make WICKY & Jazzii Part Of Your Day!


Our mission is to create a creative cooking solution for all you amateur and professional chefs trying to decipher the unique flavor of Asian cuisine. By combining fresh ingredients, a traditional preparation technique and love, we want to offer everyone the chance to enhance their meat, vegetable and seafood dishes with delicious sauces that will tingle your taste buds!


Why WICKY & Jazzii?


Because we continue the passion of Ms. Ann and Mr. Vit who wanted to make WICKY & Jazzii sauces not only the most delicious in the world, but also accessible by every single family. Because we are dedicated to providing you with excellent sauces and marinades for every special meal in your life. Because we know what it takes to become a people’s favorite.


It all comes down to this. Your happy family gathered round the dinner table. If our mouth-watering sauces make your dinner even a tiny bit more enjoyable, then our job is done. Just like our journey began during a family dinner, its purpose is to end during your family’s dinner!






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The Relationship between

WICKY and Papaya

Harmony of the Difference

Jazzii Sauce

WICKY The Original Recipe
WICKY Garlic & Pepper


For  Tenderness

        & Better Flavor

Yummy! Tangy!
Zap! Your Taste Buds


Harmony of the Difference

Jazzii Garlic Sauce
Jazzii Chilli Booster
Jazzii Orange Sauce


We produce the Premium Quality Sauce

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